Bethel Music, Hannah McClure, Noah Paul Harrison 'Lift Up Holy Hands/He's Alive' Performance

Bethel Music, Hannah McClure, Noah Paul Harrison 'Lift Up Holy Hands/He's Alive' Performance

Several talented Christian musicians, including Bethel Music, Hannah McClure and Noah Paul Harrison, turned in a moving performance of “Lift Up Holy Hands/He’s Alive.”

Without Christ’s loving and awe-inspiring sacrifice, all would be lost, condemned to live out their days in their sin and shame. But because He willingly went to the cross, taking all sin and guilt upon Himself, forgiveness and everlasting life with Him is possible.

But He didn’t just die on the cross, never to return. Days later, when those who went to check on Christ’s body, they found the grave empty and the stone rolled away. Christ was nowhere to be found in the tomb. 

He has risen! 

He won the victory over sin, death and hell. Praise His excellent name!

In a clip posted on YouTube, several musicians sing praise and worship to Him, singing about the one true and risen King! 

“Oh, oh, He’s alive, and He’s alive and He is risen

Lift your voice, lift up your faith today

He’s alive, and He’s alive, and He is risen

Oh, sing holy”


As the musicians put on their outstanding and emotional performance, the crowd, looking on, sings along and lifts their hands up in praise. 

Seeing that many people praise and worship the Lord together is a moving scene. 

What a sight and a shock it would have been to come up to the tomb of Jesus Christ that Easter Sunday morning and see His grave empty. Those women must have been instantly flooded with questions and concerns. But they had no reason to worry or to be concerned, for He is risen.

The one they call Jesus, the Savior, He is alive! Praise God.

Luke 24:2-3 “And they saw that the stone had been rolled away. And they went in, but the body of the Lord Jesus was not there.”

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