Tiger Gives Caretaker A Huge Hug After Reuniting

Tiger Gives Caretaker A Huge Hug After Reuniting

The tiger is known as one of the fiercest animals in the jungle. They can be dangerous predators and many smaller animals live in fear of them. But no matter the size of the animal, God's creatures never cease to amaze me. He truly put so much thought into each and every animal and every one is a wonder to behold. Even though some of us may think of the tiger as a scary predator or vicious enemy, these big cats can be kind, loving and gentle too.

Take this particular tiger as an example. He has been apart for his caretaker for a week. Now, they are finally being reunited and it is a moment that you don’t want to miss. Just watch as this huge tiger jumps up and gives his caretaker the biggest hug you have ever seen.

At first, I was a little bit nervous for the man when this big creature towered over him. But then, you can see how happy this tiger is to see his friend and he is just greeting him in a very special way. I just love the look on both of their faces when they see each other after the time apart.

It’s obvious that this tiger and his caretaker have a very special relationship and it’s one that you don’t see every day. This is truly a once in a lifetime moment and I am so glad that it was all caught on camera. Aren’t God’s creatures just so amazing?

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