Sweet Girl Sings Lullaby To Rescue Pup

Sweet Girl Sings Lullaby To Rescue Pup

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of welcoming a rescue dog into your family. It’s a special feeling knowing that you are saving a pup and giving them the love and attention that they truly deserve. Many of these animals have been through trauma and neglect, but the right person can transform them into the sweetest animal of all.

Katie Malone, and her mom Lauren, recently rescued a precious dog named Oakley. This sweet little girl immediately bonded with the pup and it’s a scene that has captured millions of hearts all over the Internet.

Shortly after arriving home, Lauren captured her daughter serenading Oakley while she gently rocked him back and forth. She knew that this moment was too sweet to miss, so she grabbed her camera and hit the record button. But this mom had no idea that when she posted the video online it would receive over 23 million views.

The comments flooded in and people’s hearts were touched by this heartwarming lullaby. Lauren decided to use the opportunity to advocate for adopting a rescue dog and even helped raise money for American Lab Rescue, which is where they found Oakley. I love watching these two snuggle up together. It's obvious that Oakley found the perfect forever home and is so loved by this precious girl. These two are going to have a wonderful life together and I just know that they will be the best of friends. Who else wants to join in on this cuddle session?

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