Knowing the One and Only - Faith - Part 1 of 2

2-24-2008 an essential indredient for discipleship. We can get confused, though, in thinking a certain level of faith has to be attained before following Jesus can occur. No, faith of the smallest amount is all that is needed to begin the journey of exploring Christ. Eventually that will develop as that person grows in the knowledge or Christ. Maturity as a follower results, then, in growing close to Christ....loving him for who he is. Ultimately, faith develops such that one has Christ central in every area of life. Where are you on this journey of faith? There are people throughout Scripture that are presented on these various stages of faith...where are you: exploring, growing, close to Christ or Christ-centered? May your faith in Jesus deepen today no matter where you are on this spectrum. Let's worship him together for his trustworthiness. Part 2 can be viewed at

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