Big Cat Just Wants To Snuggle

Big Cat Just Wants To Snuggle

When this couple saw Barney, a cat at the animal shelter, they were automatically drawn to him. But when this woman decided to hold Barney, she had no idea what was about to happen.

Just watch this sweet scene as Barney clings to the woman and refuses to let go. Barney is obviously a very sweet and lovable cat that just wants to cuddle. The longer I watched the video, the more I wanted to hold this sweet fella myself.

Thankfully, millions of other people saw this video too and the shelter was flooded with applications and Barney will soon have his forever home. I'm so glad that this sweet moment was caught on camera and now this precious cat gets to live a great life. Who else wants to cuddle with Barney too?

Can Won't Let Go Of Owner

This cat wouldn't let go <3 By Andy Brumagen

Posted by LADbible on Saturday, January 27, 2018