Starved for Affection

Love is the main component that binds a marriage together, but it doesn't end there. Sharing affection allows a couple to perceive that love. In Starved for Affection, Dr. Randy Carlson teaches why affection is so important and how to develop that essential, active ingredient in marriage: the affection that demonstrates love for each other and makes a marriage the rich experience every couple craves.

Customer Reviews:

"I found this book to be quite interesting; it gave me a lot to think about. I read it on a weekend getaway with my husband. We talked about the three areas in our life that need regular attention—emotional, physical, and spiritual closeness and the ways we can make our relationship a higher priority in our lives. I would recommend anyone who has the marriage "blahs" to read this and make some changes." —D. Hewer

"This book was packed with tons of practical and applicable information. An easy read. Randy Carlson is a gifted counselor and passionate about people. I would highly recommend this book." —J., Greenville, MI

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