music is GODS

music is GODS

Sorry if it sounds a bit scratchy I was in the laundry room. I know the song is short but I believe it has a message most of us can relate to.

Oh God help me hear my cry
I'm starting to see my cup run dry
so shod my feet with your peace
Immense my soul with you oh Jesus please
Salvation is why you came for us
and salvation is why we come to you

Because without you we are nothing we are nothing (2x)

You seat me at a table I don't belong with God who sits on heavens throne
you tell me child I love you so dear and where you are I'm always near
I will never forsake you
but in me you'll find refuge

Because with me you have everything you have everything
that you'll ever need (2x)

.....salvation is why you came for us
salvation is why we come to you.