Feeling tangled up inside?

For years Patsy Clairmont dreamed about "freedom." Did you know she suffered from severe agoraphobia (fear of open spaces)? She was a virtual prisoner in her own home. How did the woman whose highest ambition was to get to the grocery store become the pint-sized powerhouse you see today? God! He's in the business of amazing transformations and Patsy is proof. Now she travels the world with Women of Faith telling 350,000 people a year about the God who set her free. Like Patsy was trapped by agoraphobia, many of us feel trapped by our emotions. Patsy just released her new book, I Second that Emotion where she lets you know, "You are not the only one who feels that you have more mood swings than brain cells and more hormones than hallelujahs. Take a deep breath and pop a dark-chocolate bon-bon; we girls are in this together."

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