God's Name and Jeus' Name

Please enjoy viewing this video about the Names of God and Jesus.
The video is an attempt to do away the confusion about God and Jesus to be called by only certain names.
Call God YHVH or YHWH if you can, if Not, just call Him God, or any title to address God. God is the Light and He requires no name. He refers Himself as Ehyeh esher ehyeh or I am that I am which is just a mouthful to repeat or call out. That can not be taken as a name. If this is the name, then Jesus whose name is above all names, then God's name will be subject to Jesus as a name. I suggest to call also God as shen/神 , because the Chinese script is a pictogram, a picture of God of Trinity. Maybe this is more easier to call as everyone can easily recognize a picture and would straightaway identify God. For Jesus, call Him Jesus which name has been so used by English speaking Christians for centuries. Under this name signs and wonders performed or happened, I don't think Jesus objects to Him being Jesus. However, the Chinese, Indian and Indonesian Christians call Jesus, Yesu /耶稣 and Yesus respectively。You can call these names called by them too. Cheers.

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