Sometimes experiences hit deep. Especially if you were involved in a way you never thought possible. Introducing... "Hurt". (A parody)

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A special thanks to Jeremiah at Tutorial Brothers for the use of his camera and Joshua at GCS for editing the video!

"Seems like it was yesterday when you bucked me off.
I was riding all around... Then I hit the ground.
Oh how I wish I knew you would disobey.

I would hold onto the reigns and squeeze hard with my legs!
I would call for you to stop, hold tight onto your mane!

These things are what I would do next time I ride again!
Sometime I want to call you but I didn't think you'd obey!
Oh Oooo Oooo

I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do.
And I've hurt myself by riding you.

Some days I feel broke inside when I wanna ride.
Sometimes I just wanna hide when you run to me.

I just wanna say goodbye when it comes to this.
Ooo Whaa...

I know that I was wrong. What I must do is stand.
Now you're looking down upon me, the place where I land-ed.

There's nothing I couldn't do to have just one more chance.
I look into your eyes, as you're running here and there!
Ah Ooo Ooo (Chorus) Oh Oh

When I ride another day, I will tell you how much that I miss your flowing mane! Oh Ooo Oo

It's dangerous. I'm out of my mind to ride your back.
Oooahooo Ooo (Chorus)"