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Love Road By Allen Sebastian Featuring Geraldine Png

Love Road Lyrics
Music By Allen Sebastian, Lyrics & Vocals By Geraldine Png

(Verse 1a)
It’s another new day
Got my bags all packed
Am headed to another adventure
It may be a long highway

(Verse 1b)
I’m driving like there’s no tomorrow
Yesterday’s adventures been a thrill
I’ll never change those roads I chose
The day you revealed yourself to me

All I know is…Is I’m driving on a love road
All I know is…Is I’m driving on a love road

(Repeat Verse 1a)

(Verse 2a)
There’s always someone new (to meet)
There’s always something new (to meet)
Everyday your plans are revealed (to me)
Nothing for me to fear

(Verse 2b)
I know you’re by my side
You’re in me, your love is strong
It’s by your grace & mercy
You gave yourself to save me

(Repeat Chorus & Verse 2a)

(Verse 3a)
There’s always enough to get by
You’d always make sure I would
Even if the road seems crazy
You would always get me through

(Verse 3b)
There’s nothing impossible for you
This is something you and I know
I don’t care what the others may say
They don’t know the love you have for me

(Repeat Chorus & Verse 3a)
(Repeat Chorus Till Fade)

2011 Love Road By Allen Sebastian Featuring Geraldine Png.wmv

Allen Sebastian's Music Website : www.reverbnation.com/nissi

Geraldine Png's Music Website : http://www.reverbnation.com/geraldinepng

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