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How You Can Co-Create With God the Creator as You Trust in Him!

God is the Creator of the universe and HE gets great joy out of creating! Part of why He created you was so that you could co-create with Him.

We are made in the image and likeness of God and since He is the Creator it only makes sense that we were created with His fingerprint of creativity. He wants us to co-create with Him.

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The thing we need to understand is that He trusts us as we put our trust in Him. He trusts us to create something that reflects who we are. It really is pretty awesome.

Honestly, God trusts us more then we trust ourselves. The main thing that keeps people from going out and taking part in creating something with their name on it is because they lack trust in themselves. And the only way to trust yourself more is to trust God completely.


Because as we trust Him, we start seeing ourselves the way He sees us and therefore we can’t help but trust ourselves.

So, go out there, trust God, and let your creativity run wild. As we are in Him, we should be the most creative people on earth!

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