Laura Story - 'Til I Met You

Laura Story - 'Til I Met You

This is a song from a wonderful new compilation CD called "Living Hope", produced by Pizza Ranch. The CD is quite unique when it comes to compilation CDs, since it contains all-new songs (except for one song) by some of the most popular current Christian artists. The album is a total winner. This song is one of the highlights. It's a very nice, if fairly simplistic, tune. It talks about how God can turn an empty and troubling life around by His grace and mercy.

I highly recommend this album. And, it's a total bargain at only $5.00. You can download it here:

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A Prayer for Using Your Spiritual Gifts - Your Daily Prayer - October 20
Any time you take a chance, you can fail. But it’s better to try than to never have anything happen in your life.

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