Remember, Jesus Loves You

This is one thing I say all the time. I have a cousin I've told this to so many times, that when I say "Remember", he says, "yea, I know, Jesus loves me." He does, you know. Originally written, by me, December 13, 2002. Here are the words:

There is someone who loves you

more than anyone on earth

He likes to see you happy

He cries when you're hurt

He won't make you promises

that He won't keep

those who follow Him

He calls them His sheep

No matter what you're going through

remember Jesus loves you

Remember Jesus loves you

more than anyone ever can

remember Jesus loves you

won't you take His nail scarred hand

He died for your sins

on that cross that day

now your debt is paid in full

there was not other way

No greater love will you ever come across

remember Jesus loves you

He proved how much at the cross

Chorus x2

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