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**GOD SPEAKS** "The Admiration of the Fallen"


Yet those who lay hold on Salvation, and grab hold of The Holy One of Israel, shall shine like the sun at noonday, though night has fallen... Yes! They shall mount up, with wings like eagles, and fly!
And those who remain, with the seal of God upon their foreheads, shall run! They shall run to and fro in all the earth, and none shall hinder them!... I am The Lord. They shall leap upon the hills and tread them down! They shall scale high and jagged mountains, and break them in pieces!... Lo, every stronghold of man, even every tall tower which he has built up in his arrogance, and every city where satan dwells, shall hear their shout and lay down in death! They shall crumble under the weight of fierce calamity! For I am The Lord, and I shall do this!...

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