F.L.Y. Jae Deno feat. Travis Jaye

Verse 1
Gravity, nowhere, I leave the ground,
Hear you, calling I love the sound of You,
I love the sound of You,
Broken, Open, I hit the ground,
But the ground was missing, couldn't find it,
All I could find was you(2x)

Lord canIi fly,
Right by your side
With you tonight
All of my life,
I want to fly,
Into the sky,
Right by your side,
With you tonight
I want to fly!

Verse 2 (Travis Jaye)
Flow like oceans, drown me me out,
Hit me like a wave until I'm swirling around in you,
Swirling around in you,
Could you hold me closer, right from the start,
Draw me near until I hear the beat of your heart,
Oh you, oh oh oh you,
Project the spark in eyes (Lord can I fly)

I always want to be with Him!

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