Christians in Egypt remain imprisoned for 'insulting Islam' (Second Coming Watch Update #192)

Released: August 12, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Christians in Egypt remained imprisoned for 'insulting Islam'. According to Middle East Concern, appeals against the convictions of two Christians jailed for offending Muslims have been rejected. Mak-rem Diab has been sentenced to six years in prison for reportedly insulting Muhammad during a heated discussion with another teacher. And a student, Ga-mal Mass-oud, was sentenced to three years for posting material deemed offensive to Islam on his Facebook page.

Many Arab Christians are coming to the U.S. to escape persecution. According to, hundreds of Christians are fleeing their homes in the Middle East due to persecution and political turmoil and coming to America. The Arab Refugee Christians in the USA is one organization that is trying to help. A report stated that Christians constituted about 20 percent of the overall population of the Mideast a century ago, but it has dropped to five percent in recent years.

British media criticize Christians who believe in creationism as stupid and extreme. According to the UK's Christian Institute, the BBC has admitted that news anchor Jeremy Paxman offended Christians when "talking about religious hogwash and saying that stupid people believed in a literal understanding of Genesis." During an interview with evolutionist Richard Dawkins, Paxman also categorized Christians as extremist and in the same class as totalitarian Muslims...

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