Chris Riss DesRiss - Epistle (Flo Rida - Whistle RE-MAKE)

From what I remember I had heard the song “Whistle” on the radio by hip hop/ dance artist “Flo Rida” and at first I thought nothing of it because it was just another typical worldly party song, and since becoming a Christian I had stopped listening to all worldly music. Until one day it hit me! I had been outside my friend’s house talking with some buddy’s and in the background I heard Whistle playing on the radio. Something powerful came over me and I had suddenly felt severe love emotions for my fiancé. The sound of the chorus melody sounded so beautiful to me. I dropped what I was doing and made my way inside the house to fully listen to the song. Although the melody sounded beautiful I realized that the lyrical content was promoting UN-Godly sex.
Soon after The Holy Spirit started speaking to me about redemption and all sorts of emotions were stirring in my spirit. I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion for people and once again realized how Satan influences people through the power of music. After all Satan AKA Lucifer originally worshiped God with music before he rebelled and God cast him out of Heaven down to earth. I felt compassion for Flo Rida and hoped that he may find Jesus Christ before it’s too late. I figured if no one had told Flo Rida about Jesus then I would be the person to tell him. I believe God placed the idea on my heart to redeem the Whistle song and hopefully reach Flo Rida’s heart.

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