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Are you hearing from God? (Video Jam)

Every Christian must be convinced that they have heard the voice of God and obey what they have been taught by Him. Those who have settled in their heart that Christ is the Truth will have their faith confirmed as they continue in a state of belief. As a person abides in Christ by faith He enables them to live a victorious life. Christ is the bread of Life, as we take in and digest what He has taught us His life is incarnated in us as believers. Each believer must possess a personal faith and have a personal encounter with God in order to enter into eternal life. The most important moment in our lives is when we realize our inefficiency. This took place when Abraham encountered Melchizedek or when Isaiah had his vision of God. When we encounter God sin makes us feeble but God’s mercy and grace attracts us to Him. Leanness of soul is the effect of forgetting to put the Lord first in all we think, plan, and do. Most people seek the things of this world rather than looking to God for our satisfaction. We need to hear from God and move towards Him. Each one must encounter the Lord personally. Christ promises everlasting life to all who feed upon Him. A believer must be taught by God by moving toward Him and become like Him through faith. The lives of the disciples were changed drastically because every part of their lives was consecrated to God.
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