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Being molded for the age to come

Romans 12:1-2
Romans 12:9-16

1. As citizens of the coming kingdom of God, our lifestyle must reflect restoration and renewal, not worldliness and sin.
2. While our hearts may find it difficult, our actions should nevertheless demonstrate love without hypocrisy, especially towards our enemies.
3. In a world which constantly pressures us to tolerate or even approve of evil, God commands us to hate and keep away from these things.
4. We need to seek opportunities to humbly give honor and preference to others.
5. Ask yourself: is my Christian service characterized by diligence and passionate fervor? Or do my works suggest apathy and a lack of appreciation for the sacrifice of Jesus?
6. We are called to figure out what the saints need and to selflessly contribute to them.
7. The Christian response to persecution is to speak well of our opponents. Cursing language is unchristlike and forbidden by God.
8. As Christ sought to lower himself in order to serve others, we should likewise refuse to think we are above living as servants.

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