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Fossil Record: A Problem for Evolution

Seminar by John Morris PhD.
Seattle Creation Conference, October 2010

Evolution relies on, depends on, and believes in the "evolutionary story" of the fossil record. Several key facts punch holes in that foundation—the extreme rarity of transitional forms, stasis in the record, sudden appearance of complex animal and plant forms, and gaps between species. Discuss the supposed origin of fish, bats, fleas, flies, birds, dragonflies, marine reptiles, whales, and finally humans. Compare the evolutionary scenario to the creation scenario in which each type was created by a supreme Creator separately and fully formed, just as it is found in the fossil record. Conclude with a summary of the real fossil record and its record of death and extinction.

About the Speaker:
About the Speaker: Dr. John Morris, is a creation scientist and educator with a specialization in Geological engineering. He received his Doctorate in Geological Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in 1980. He joined the faculty of the Institute for Creation Research (http://www.icr.org) in 1984, and has served as the President since 1996. He has also led numerous expeditions

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