The Great Cross - Meet Mike and Laurie Nowland

The Great Cross will be the largest religious monument in the world. It will be constructed as a columbarium (cemetery) of a million people, over twenty to thirty years.

North America has no great permanent monument for Christianity. We believe it is time we stand up for Christ, come together, and show the world the power of our faith.

We need exposure! Please look at our project and share it. We do not need contributions from Church funds. We do need help sharing our vision with the worldwide Body of Christ.

Please show our project to your family, friends, and congregation encourage them to share it. We have to reach tens of millions of people to find the ones who will be part of this vision. Everyone will spend something on a final resting place, and The Great Cross is less costly than many ordinary columbaria. By pooling our final expenses, we can build a beautiful and permanent monument to our Lord and Savior.

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