5 Famous Christian Models

Modeling is an industry that is not for the faint of heart. When your entrire income is based on the way you look, it is no small feat to keep your head above water and you eyes on the King. The models listed below have managed to do so, and at the same time, give an example of the truest form of beauty: The one that comes from sharing your faith in the Lord above.

Five Faith Filled Models

5. Christy Turlington

Major Campaigns: H&M, Prada, Donna Karen, Jason Wu, Maybelline....

Though Turlington may be best known for her devotion to yoga and holistic health practices, she is actually a devout Catholic with a degree in comparative religion and philosophy. When asked if one can be a Christian and still practice Yoga, Turlington replied that "meditation and contemplation are practices of all faiths."

4. Coco Rocha

Major Campaigns: Loreal, Zac Posen, Banana Republic, Chanel...

"A Christian first and a model second" is how this supermodel defines herself. She speaks of doing missions work and of her plans to continue regardless of any career success. Considered one of the most popular models in recent history, she has endeared herself to the fashion world despite her refusal to bare excessive skin or pose provocatively with male models.

 3. Adriana Lima

Major Campaigns:  Maybelline, Jason Wu,  Givenchy, Donna Karan...

Adrian Lima became popular as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels, and though she figures prominently in some of their racier ads, she is outspoken as an advocate for sexual abstinence before marriage. She considers herself a devout Catholic and is frequently photographed wearing a scapular around her neck.

2. Kate Upton

Major Campaigns:  David Yurman, Donney & Burke, Guess, Sports Illustrated Cover...

Upton first shot to fame after landing the cover of the 2012 Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. After doing so, she spoke publicly of feeling convicted and  objectified. After being laughed at for expressing her faith by wearing a cross at photo shoots, she tattooed a cross on her finger in order to have it "with her at all times".

1. Kathy Ireland

Major Campaigns: Sports Illustrated, Kmart; Cosmo, Vogue, Fitness Magazine Covers

Considered one of the great supermodels of the 80's and 90's, Kathy Ireland remains a well known face today. As one of the first "model-turned-moguls", Ireland started a branding company that markets close to $1.9 million in products worldwide,  She was and is an outspoken proponent of the Christian faith, appearing in the "I AM SECOND" ad campaign and professing her beliefs in several major interviews. Despite the success in both her modeling, and later, business career Kathy maintains that she remained a "Baby Christian" for a large majority of her life. She said in an interview,

"I'm a late bloomer. I remained a baby Christian for a long time. Fortunately, God is faithful even when we mess up. Today my goal is that my life will be in line with his will, not my own."

Final Thoughts

It would be easy to dismiss a career like modeling as superficial or unimportant. When we get to heaven though, I don't believe that the Lord will know us by our career titles or fame here on earth. He will, however, have seen the times when we could have shyed away from declaring our faith in him, and instead chose to stand firm. The models listed above have, in their own small way, done so. Perhaps those are the moments when they were truly at their most cover-worthy.

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