25 Christian Music Trivia Questions and Answers


# 25 Which Christian band has the most Dove awards?

# 24 Who was the first Christian band to go on a USO Tour?

# 23 Which Christian band/artist has released the most albums?

# 22 Who had the longest running number 1 album for a female artist on the Billboard Christian album charts? Can you name the Album?

# 21 Which Christian band has had the most member changes?

# 20 Which amazingly popular secular band started off making Christian music?

# 19 Which Christian band started the blood/water mission?

# 18 Where have the former members of D.C. Talk gone?

# 17 Which sister based musical group was brought to light by a Superchic(k) song?

# 16 Which band was born from Rebecca St. James’ brothers?

# 15 Switchfoot’s name is term used in what water sport?

# 14 What famous Christian Artist guest starred throughout the entire second season of The American Bible Challenge? Bonus – Which Christian Artist was a contestant on the same season?

# 13 What country did the Newboys come from? What was their original name?

# 12 What event inspired the Flyleaf song “Cassie”?

# 11 Which Christian worship leader won 2 Grammy awards this year giving him 10,000 reasons to celebrate?

# 10 Which Christian band/artist started off as a college worship team? Can you name the College?

# 9 Which canceled television show helped Fireflight achieve popularity?

# 8 Where did Casting Crowns get their start?

# 7 Which Christian artist is known for adopting children from China?

# 6 Which active Christian band/artist has been around the longest and is still active today?

# 5 Which Christian band features the Weaver Brothers?

# 4 Which contemporary Christian artist got his start as one of the Backstreet Boys?

# 3 Which Christian band recorded an entire album in India? Can you name the Album?

# 2 Which conference for college age students launched the careers of artists like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Christy Nockles, Kristian Stanfill and many more?

# 1 Who is the most sung Christian artist?

Bonus Question - Which band is the greatest Christian band of all time without question or argument?

"The Truth" (John 3:17) For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.


# 25 Steven Curtis Chapman (56)

# 24 Third Day (they announced it on the Live Revelation Album)

# 23 Petra (27 Albums)

# 22 Francesca Battistelli / My Paper Heart

# 21 Petra (23 members throughout the years)

# 20 U2

# 19 Jars of Clay

# 18 Kevin Max (Audio Adrenaline) Michael Tait (Newsboys) Toby Mac (Solo Artist w/Diverse City)

# 17 Barlow Girl

# 16 For King and Country

# 15 Surfing

# 14 Kirk Franklin / Kari Jobe

# 13 Australia / The News

# 12 The Columbine School Shooting

# 11 Matt Redman

# 10 David Crowder Band? / Baylor University

# 9 The Bionic Woman

# 8 They were a youth group worship band

# 7 Steven Curtis Chapman

# 6 Petra (started in 1972 and is currently active)

# 5 Big Daddy Weave (Mike and Jay Weaver)

# 4 Brian Littrell

# 3 Caedmon’s Call / Share the Well

# 2 Passion

# 1 Chris Tomlin

Bonus Question Answer - Third Day (in my humble opinion)

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