20 Best Female Christian Artists

March 06, 2020

20 Best Female Christian Artists

Best Female Christian Artists

Christian music continues to capture the hearts of many around the world. Today it’s available in several styles from the heartwarming ballad to the uplifting and spirited praise and worship anthem. Good music requires good vocals and today we find many female artists singing to the Lord and even leading worship. Here are my top 20 best female Christian artists. I have listed them in no particular order.

20. Natalie Grant

Born - December 21, 1971

Albums – “Natalie Grant”, “Stronger”, “Deeper Life”, “Awaken”, “Believe”, “Relentless”, “Love Revolution”

Popular Singles – “Live for Today”, “Held”, “In Better Hands”, “I Will Not be Moved”, “Breathe on Me”, “Alive”.

19. Addison Road (Jenny Simmons)

Born – November 17, 1980

Albums – “Addison Road”, “Stories”, “Some Kind of Spark”, “Always Loved You”

Popular Singles – “What do I Know of Holy”, “Hope Now”, “All that Matters”, “Fight Another Day”, “This Little Light of Mine”, “Change in the Making”, “Sticking with You”, “Don’t Wait”, “Won’t Let me Go”

18. Kari Jobe

Born – April 6, 1981

Albums – “Unbreakable”, “Masterpiece”, “Drawing Closer: Songs from Gateway Devotions”, “The Battle: Songs from Gateway Devotions”, “First: Songs from Gateway Devotions”, “My Beloved”, “Bethlehem”, “Kari Jobe”, “Le Canto”, “Where I Find You”, “Donde Te Encuentro”, “Throneroom Worship: Live Acoustic Worship”

Popular Singles – “I’m Singing”, “Adore Him”, “You Are for Me”, “Healer”, “We Are”, “What Love is This”, “Steady my Heart” “Revelation Song”

17. Amy Grant

Born – November 25, 1960

Albums – “Amy Grant”, “My Father’s Eyes”, “Never Alone”, “Age to Age”, “Straight Ahead”, “Unguarded”, “Lead Me On”, “Heart in Motion”, “House of Love”, “Behind the Eyes”, “Legacy Hymns and Faith”, “Simple Things” “Rock of Ages Hymns and Faith”, “Somewhere Down the Road”, “How Mercy Looks from Here”

Popular Singles – “Age to Age”, “Angels”, “Ageless Medley”, “Baby, Baby”, “Lead Me On”, “My Father’s Eyes”, “Better Than a Hallelujah”

16. Britt Nicole

Born – August 2, 1985

Albums – “Say it”, “The Lost Get Found”, “Gold”

Popular Singles – “Holiday”, “Last Christmas”, “Come What May”, “Set the World on Fire”, “When She Cries”, “Walk on Water”

15. Christy Nockels

Born – November 17, 1973

Albums – “Life Light Up”, “Into the Glorious”

Popular Singles – “How I Love You”, “Already All I Need”, “Healing is In Your Hands”, “Your Love is Moving”, “Love Can Build a Bridge”

14. Francesca Battistelli

Born – May 18, 1985

Albums – “Just a Breath”, “My Paper Heart”, “Hundred More Years”, “Christmas”

Popular Singles – “I’m Letting Go”, “Free to be Me”, “It’s Your Life”, “Beautiful, Beautiful”, “Motion of Mercy”, “This is the Stuff”

13. Ginny Owens

Born – April 22, 1975

Albums – “Without Condition”, “Something More”, “Blueprint”, “Beautiful”, “Live from New Orleans”, “Long Way Home” “If You Want Me To: The Best of Ginny Owens”, “Bring Us Peace”, “Ephemera”, “Say Amen”, “Get in, I’m Driving”, 

Popular Singles – “Blessed”, “If You Want me To”, “Free”, “Remember Me”, “I am Nothing”, “Spring of Life”, “I Am”

12. Jaci Velasquez

Born – October 15, 1979

Albums – “Help Me”, “Keep the Fire Burning”, “Heavenly Place”, “Jaci Velasquez”, “Llegar  A Ti”, “Crystal Clear”, “Mi Corazon”, “Christmas”, “Navidad”, “Unspoken”, “Milagro”, “Mi Historia Musical”, “Beauty Has Grace”, “On My Knees: The Best of Jacki Velasquez”, “Open House”, “Love Out Loud”, “Diamond”, “Buenas Noches Mi Sol”

Popular Singles – “On My Knees”, “I Will Rest in You”, “God So Loved”, “Speak for Me”, “Imagine Me Without You”, “Un Lugar Celestial”

 11.  Nicole C. Mullen

Born – January 3, 1967

Albums – “Don’t Let Me Go”, “Wish Me Love”, “Nicole C. Mullen”, “Talk About it”, “Christmas in Black & White”, “Everyday People”, “Sharecropper’s Seed”, “A Dream to Believe”, “Captivated”

Popular Singles – “On My Knees”, “Redeemer”, “Call on Jesus”, “Talk About It (Say So)”, “Come Unto Me”, “Everyday People”, “Dancin’ in the Rain”

10. CeCe Winans

Born – October 8, 1964

Albums – “Alone in His Presence”, “Everlasting Love”, “His Gift”, “Alabaster Box”, “CeCe Winans”, “Throne Room”, “Purified”, “Thy Kingdom Come”, “Songs of Emotionals Healing”, “For Always: The Best of CeCe Winans”

Popular Singles – “Well Alright”, “Slippin”, “On That Day”, “Say a Prayer”, “Thy Will Be Done”, “Alabaster Box”

Bible Truth – 2 Chronicles 2:20 And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the Lord, and that should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army, and to say, Praise the Lord; for his mercy endureth for ever.

 9.  Laura Story

Born – 1978

Albums – “Indescribable”, “There is Nothing”, “Great God Who Saves”, “Blessings”

Popular Singles – “Indescribable”, “Blessings”, “Mighty to Save”, “Bless the Lord”

8. J.J. Heller

Born – October 19, 1980

Albums – “Songs that I Know”, “Collection of Thoughts”, “Only Love Remains”, “Wake up the World”, “Pretty and the Plain”, “Painted Red”, “When I’m With You”, “Deeper”, “Loved”

Popular Singles – “What Love Really Means”, “Your Hands”

 7. Mandisa

Born – October 2, 1976

Album – “True Beauty”, “What if We Were Real”, “Freedom”, “Christmas Joy”, “It’s Christmas”

Popular Singles – “What if We Were Real”, “Waiting for Tomorrow”, “My Deliverer”, “Stronger”, “Good Morning”,

6. Moriah Peters

Moriah Peters is an up and coming artist. She has just one album and one hit single. Enjoy it in the video below.

Born – October 20, 1992

Albums – “I Choose Jesus”

Popular Singles – “I Choose Jesus”

5. Nicole Nordeman

Born – January 3, 1972

Albums – “Wide Eyed”, “This Mystery”, “Woven & Spun”, “Live at the Door”, “Brave”, “Recollection: The Best of Nichole Nordeman”, “Nichole Nordeman: The Ultimate Collection”

Popular Singles – “Beautiful for Me”, “Because of Love”, “Brave”, “Finally Free”, “Fool for You”, “Healed”, “I Believe”, “Legacy”, “To Say Thanks”

4. Plumb

Born – March 9, 1975

Albums – “Plumb”, “Candycoatedwaterdrops”, “Chaotic Resolve”, “Blink”, “Need You Now”

Popular Singles – “Sobering (Don’t Turn Around)”, “Free”, “Hang On”, “Need You Now”

3. Rebecca St. James

Born – July 26, 1977

Albums – “Refresh My Heart”, “Rebecca St. James”, “God”, “Christmas”, “Pray”, “Transform”, “Worship God”, “If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something”, “I Will Praise You”

Popular Singles – “Yes I believe God”, “No Secrets”, “Pray”, “As We Wait”, “River of Life”,  “Wait for Me”, “Reborn”

2. Sara Groves

Born – September 10, 1972

Albums – “Past the Wishing”, “Conversations”, “All Right Here”, “The Other Side of Something”, “Add to the Beauty”, “Tell Me What You Know”, “O Holy Night”, “Fireflies and Songs”, “Invisible Empire”

Popular Singles – “Something Changed”, “He’s Always Been Faithful”, “The Word”

1. Twila Paris

Born – December 28, 1958

Albums – “Little Twila Paris”, “Knowin' You're Around”, “Keepin' My Eyes On You”,  “The Warrior Is A Child”, “Kingdom Seekers”, “Same Girl”, “For Every Heart”, “It's The Thought”, “Cry For The Desert”, “Sanctuary”, “A Heart That Knows You”, “Beyond A Dream”, “The Time Is Now”, “The Early Years”, “Where I Stand”, “Perennial: Songs For The Seasons Of Life”, “True North”, “Signature Songs”, “Bedtime Prayers”, “Greatest Hits: Time & Again”, “House of Worship”, “8 Great Hits”, “Simply”, “He Is Exalted: Live Worship”, “Ultimate Collection”, “Looking Up”, “Small Sacrifice”, “God Shed His Grace”

Popular Singles – “He is Exalted”, “Lamb of God”, “Holy is the Lord”, “Send Me”, “How Beautiful”, “God is in Control”

Everyone has favorites; these are just a few of mine. Which ones would you like to see added to the list? Share in the comments below. If you liked this article you might also enjoy the related article by Greg: 20 Best Male Christian Artists.

Resource – The Holy Bible, King James Version, wwww.youtube.com, photo credit: Jiaren Lau via photopin cc


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