Doing Well

OK......this one was written while I was on vacation. Hope ya like it. It still needs some work, but it's a fun song. My family really dug it, but they have to, don't they? Hehehehe.

How could I ever know freedom
if I'd never been enslaved
If I was never in peril
how could I ever be saved

If I was never sick
how could I appreciate being well
how could I hunger for heaven
without a little knowledge of hell

I just want to thank You Jesus
I'm doing well today
I just want to thank You Jesus
I'm alive, I'm free, I'm saved

If I were never dirty
how would I know when I was clean
If I was never blind
how could I know I really see

If there was never a battle
how could there ever be a victory
if I never stumbled in the darkness
how would I know when I was really free


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