Ductape Comedy - Sound Effects Sketch - Part 2

Ductape Comedy is made up of many special people big and small. There are four young gents in the group (Joel McBroom, Josh Walters, Ryan Morell and Ryan Graham) who are also known as "The Players". The show is a two man performance comprised of improv, sketches, stand-up, impressions and audience interaction. The Ductape Comedy show is explosive and energetic. It captivates the hearts and minds of the young and older young audiences accross the U.S. The guys are the perfect addition to any event and a head-liner that will turn the evening up-side down. Ductape Comedy exists to encourage and express the freedom and joy of living in Jesus Christ... ductapecomedy.com... myspace.com/ductapecomedy... 951.684.3474

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