Today's Devotional

United in Prayer
Why is unity among believers so important to Jesus?

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'manliness'/ Tanner Olson // Written to Speak [spoken word lyric video]

'Manliness' is an honest reflection of all the things I am not and all the things I hope to become.
I'm a 23 year old boy learning the true definition of 'man'.
I've failed more times then I can count on my fingers and yours of the ways I haven't been a man.
Failure comes with a price.
My failures aren't flattering, but they've taught me and painted perspective for my life.
The lessons I've learned have come in exchange for broken hearts and regrets; yet through that I've been shown love and grace.

I want to be a man.

I want to be a man that can commit.
I want to be a man that leads.
I want to be a man that daily chases after God's heart; that leads others to Him.
I want to be a man that lives a life of love.

I want to be a man.