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Myth No More
Why must God judge His enemies and make things right?

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Movie Actress Ishah Wright Interviews Emmy Winner Joe Manno's Church Helpers

Movie Actress Ishah Wright Interviews her friend Emmy Winner Joe Manno's fellow Church Helpers. Cristy has also sung at the church Joe Manno has headed children's church at. Trivia: Movie Actress Ishah Wright also sang in the choir of Benny Hinn's mega church when Emmy Winner Joe Manno did children's church there, too. Thus Joe is part of the inspiration God used and uses behind Ishah Wright's productions like this, and more! More trivia: the "marchers" mentioned are with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (and though Ishah Wright, Joe Manno and the Bridge Orlando church are all pro-life, pro-traditional definition of marriage, and pro-decency, and some others in the march may have differed on these values, they all united to show God's love and anti-racism to try to promote peaceful healing to Sanford, Florida, the USA, and the world upon the famous death of Trayvon Martin)! Ishah Wright mentioned this also on WTLN of this GodTube's Salem Communications' Salem Orlando nearby both Travon Martin's place of death and near Walt Disney World Resorts where Ishah Wright is also Walt Disney World Resorts' Celebration Foundation charity non-profit media liaison from.