Teens Fight..... Cancer!

American Idol contestant Season 11, 15 year old Molly Hunt returned home from the Vegas Round in February 2012 and began to seek God for further direction. Within 2 weeks, Molly received a phone call from an organization that focuses on Teens helping bring awareness to the kids/teens who have Cancer. When Molly was given her 2 girls she would be sponsoring, Molly instantly felt a connection to these precious girls, Kayla and Adrianna. Less than 2 weeks later, Molly raised over 1,000.00 with God's help. Molly is a recording artist / songwriter who at 13 years old made history in Nashville, TN in 2009 when she signed a Major Publishing Deal on Music Row. This teenager is not typical - on a mission to change her world through music and influence.. Molly Hunt wants to Do Hard Things! "Thank you Lord for this generation of young people who have been given abilities beyond their years to make a difference in a hurting world".

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