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Parable Of The Ten Virgins


Mathew 25:1-13, what the Kingdom of Heaven will be like. Honestly, I didn't have a contingency plan for when I was putting this up; All I had left was to loiter and hope in YHWH, for Yahushua to reveal if this material was 'good'. He has, Hallel Yah. The interpretation of the Ten 'Virgins' Parable is: The 'Wise' virgins [who have acknowledged the Ruach Ha Kodesh by heeding to YHWH's call] will excel spiritually. Therefore, expose in the guidance of the Ruach Ha Kodesh false doctrines taught in many churches, mosques, synagogues and elsewhere today. The 'Wise' virgins WILL recognize the TRUE and/or the FALSE Messiah. The 'Foolish' virgins will disagree. Sadly, some people are happy believing parts of the gospel that benefit them. To have all the records, many would see the falsehoods taught by men shunning TRUTH. Humans are not stupid, however some individuals prefer to remain content to where they find themselves in time [rather than to seek]. Accepting TRUTH is the hardest thing anyone can do in life. However, truth comes in a dead package the more someone tries to cover it up, the less I am inclined to believe it. Let us set ourselves apart, and seek in YHWH for TRUTH. Praise Him: He who gives and takes away. HalleluYah!!


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