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Cleansing the Gum Wall
What does the blood of Jesus do for those who place their trust in Him?

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29th Olympic Games, 2008 Beijing, China

The Chinese version song, [Welcome to Beijing], was composed by Hong Kong lyricist Lam Chik and a famous composer Xiao Ke from China Mainland within two months and sung by nearly 100 Chinese singers. It is released as a theme song to commemorate the April 30 [100 days countdown] to the opening of the Beijing Games.Jackie Chan was having the honour to sing the theme song in the bear with the sound quality.<br />
<br />
Zhao #!###ming, director of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Olympic organizing committee (BOCOG), said: "�Welcome to Beijing� expresses the enthusiasm of the Chinese people in welcoming guests from all over the world,�

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