Most Hilarious Moments From Vicki Lawrence On The Carol Burnett Show

The Carol Burnett Show is a beloved program that boasts a talented cast, which included the talents of Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence.

Making people laugh requires skill, timing, dedication and a willingness to make a fool of yourself at times. Comedy is not as easy as the cast of The Carol Burnett Show made it seem. Comedy is so subjective. What one person thinks is funny may not be what another person believes to be humorous.

However, most people can agree that Vick Lawrence is hysterical! A clip posted to YouTube shows a handful of her best moments from the iconic program.

The Carol Burnett Show was known for its cast breaking character, causing each other to burst out in laughter during a skit. One of the first moments involves Vicki and Carol doing just that to one another.

In the skit, Vicki walks out on stage wearing a leopard-print outfit and donning a big, bright red wig as she ferociously chews gum. Carol’s character walks over to Vicki, places her hands on Vicki’s hair and moments later, a goofy grin appears on Carol’s face. The audience then sees what is causing the momentary bout of laughter. Vicki now has gum on her nose!

About halfway through the clip, at the 5:35-minute mark, Vicki plays the character that spawned its own sitcom, Mama from Mama’s Family. In that skit, Vicki delivers a harsh but hilarious line criticizing Carol’s character’s intelligence.

Carol immediately begins to smile. She tries to turn back toward Vicki  but cannot, knowing she would be unable to keep it together if she did.

From that point forward in the skit, Vicki continually delivers line after line of mean but laugh-out-loud funny lines and Carol loses it!

The next skit is yet another Mama clip, but Tim Conway joins in on the fun this time. It's only seconds until everyone literally falls over in laughter.  

Vicki Lawrence, much like her fellow Carol Burnett Show castmates, is a comedic legend!

Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart makes good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”


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