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Together Forever
Who are the people close to you who don’t yet know Jesus?

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Almighty King

Almighty King

Words by Lisa Carey

Music by Lee Romano

Copyright 2010

Verse 1:

As I walk in Heaven's glow

My heart will sing all that I know

For only you paid the debts that I


It is by your death that you bestowed

Eternal life long ago

Chorus 1:

I will worship, I will sing

Joy for all Heaven I will bring

Let every nation ( nation sing)

Praise to the Almighty King

Verse 2:

I am not the same person as before

What I know I can't ignore

You have opened every door

Each day you love me more

You let my spirit soar

I will forever adore

Chorus 2


One day I will die

And my home will be in the sky

One day I will meet you eye to eye

And on eagle's wings I will fly

Choruses 3 & 4

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