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Itching Ears
Why is it vital for Scripture to be the foundation for what we believe?

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My Puzzle Piece

Students of Heaven
Prophetic Video Art
Speaker: Valencia Malloren
Background Music: Maxmillian Agnellius (He's my God)

My Puzzle Piece
Like a Child playing at first.
A perfect design. Yes! Yeah!
Interesting consequences
The question
Mediator bridging me, bridging me
Solving the mystery
Baffled ...
My puzzle piece (repeat)
To confound the wise
God has chosen
A single puzzle piece
A Divine figure
To be in a puzzle of thoughts
Is a very real matter
Irregularity, fit!
We study precisely...all the day long
Assemble our soul ...O, puzzle piece
Reflect & pause, precious
The work and goodness of the Lord.
Assemble our soul. Assemble our soul
Meaning of inscription
Concentrate to find
Unless we enter perdition
With out faith
Without faith it is impossible (repeated)
Faith works by love
Set the tomb to freedom....Freedom
O, my precious puzzle piece
As it is written
Human reason or is it heavenly design?!
The Author & Finisher
O my puzzle piece ( echo)

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