False Revivals

Every Friday Apostle Eric delivers the word of the Lord live as guest on Rev. Tillmons Radio program. Todays message is part 2 of Apostle Erics August 15, 2008 broadcast. The Spirit of the Lord ministers to the church about false revivals, speaking candidly about the Laughter Movement and teaching the church how to discern between the revival of the Holy Ghost and current false revivals. Christians are now asking, Who are the stewards that God set in place to give eyes to the church? Apostle Eric also talks about Jesus promise to you to manifest Himself to you for your experience of Him and warns the church about false stewards who use their own experience of life and lack of experience of Christ as a template for the church. Finally, Apostle Eric speaks to the church about Gods culture of truth and His system of righteousness to win back the souls for Christ who are estranged from Him. May God bless you as you prepare your hearts to seek Him today.

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