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THE ABALONEKID will be featured in your -email blasts. Born & raised in Brooklyn, Chaim rubbed elbows with the leading singers of the day. A great love of music was born. In his academic world he studied hard and achieved a high standard as a Madison Avenue lawyer. He fought for women and children's rights as well as a father's right to see his children after family disunity. He retired from law after 12 years and began a gospel revival ministry on Long Island, NY in different Christian churches. He sang with and hosted revival shows with 36 black Baptist praise singers and broke the color barrier in Hampton Bays, L.I, NY.Getting a emergency medical call from his mother one day, he left it all to be with and help take care of her in California. She died and he stayed to continue his ministry in Los Angeles where he spent six years as one of the homeless, a Praise Singer, Evangelist, Friend to the poor and needy where he performed on the street. He also fed 80 homeless people a day from food he retrieved from dumpsters. He ate it too!

God blessed him with time to beach comb in Northern Ca, and he discovered great abalone pieces that washed ashore. This abalone would become his means of support in his life as well as his ministry, and after he met his wife, they began designing abalone jewelry. Their work was eventually discovered by The Smithsonian and featured at The National Museum of American Art in Wash, DC. The natural beauty of California coast drew him to Malibu, home to many movie stars. Such notable personalities as Jane Seymour, Pam Anderson, Pierce Brosnan, and Ben Stein have invested in his abalone jewelry creations.His love of music and Gospel ministry propelled Chaim into the realm of Youtube. His music, bible studies and prose writings are a blessing for us all to enjoy. Take a look at his music on my channel or see his own site. Watch "Worldwide Gospel Revival" at his website and be uplifted by the Spirit.Go to www.th

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