Pure Praise

Pure praise is about true worship. God is now returning the church to the true culture of worship, which God assigned as the priesthood of each believer. It is clear from the Bible that God designed the faith of individual believers around a priestly service to Him. From the scriptures, we can understand that believers are called priests and that as priests we are to offer to God spiritual sacrifices.

For years, the majority of Christians fell into step with a false culture of praise; a movement that enthralled the hearts of men and moved it in passion with itself, but did not bring worship to the priesthood of Christ, which is the true culture of worship. The sign of a true apostle is the return of the Headship of Jesus Christ to the church and the return of the church to Pure Praise.

Gods will is that we worship Him in Spirit and in truth (Jn.14:6), which means that God has determined that we should worship Him with nothing less than Himself. I hope this worship video is a blessing to you. The spiritual sacrifices in this video are taken from Apostle Erics soon to be released book, Pure Praise, an insightfully compelling book that will help restore the hope of each believer as the priesthood is restored to their faith. Credits: Spiritual sacrifices of prophecy by Chief Apostle Eric vonAnderseck, read by Apostle Jacques Wessels, music by Stefano Maccarelli. Photo credits: Heidi van Vuuren, Evangelist Connie van Wyk, Morgue File Archives.

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