Today's Devotional

The One
Read Galatians 6:1-3 and consider the importance of helping other believers in Jesus.

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Tom Coverly, THE ILLUSIONIST Speaking Tom has a unique blend of humor, life stories and illusions. Not just entertained, but challenged for CHANGE is what Holy Wow Ministries is all about. For over a decade, Tom has spoken to thousands of people in churches, youth groups, camps, retreats, big events, concerts and worship events. Tom is a former youth pastor, high school Bible teacher, senior pastor. Tom is available to share his story as well as deliver a powerful message on any topic that will impact your group. He speaks with a creative edge that makes stories in the Bible come alive and seemingly leap out of the pages. Tom is one of the most real and relevant speakers you will ever meet. Though he loves to blow people away with his magic, he always makes it clear that it's just an illusion. The only true reality is ... the love of Jesus Christ and what he has done for us to give us eternal life.

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