Today's Devotional

Seeing is Disbelieving
How does God’s promise in Deuteronomy 1:30-31 encourage and prepare you to fight for what’s true?

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star wars never too late

First clip shows Anakin's fall to the dark side and yoda and obi-wan sense it when it happens, Anakin feels the jedi have turned against him and he tells Padme not to do the same because he still loves her. But Padme realizes something is different about Anakin but decides to stay with him to try and turn him back from the darkside. Meanwhile Anakin gets expelled but he still doesn't want to give up his powers especially for Padme. He keeps telling her that everything will be alright but she doesn't believe it will be. She tries to kiss him one day but she doesn't feel the way she use to and pulls away from him. But Anakin still feels that is not too late between them even though Padme is losing hope in him. One night Anakin dreams of Padme giving birth and realizes that shes pregnant and that he has to let go of his new power for his child. Padme sees a slight change in him and shes finally able to kiss him and feel that spark, but the temptation is too much for Anakin and he slips back to the dark side. In his rage he chokes Padme but lets her go when he realizes what hes doing. Obi-wan sees what happened and he tries to get Anakin to turn back to the good side but instead they get into a fight. Anakin slips and slides near a pool of lava and there is nothing Obi-wan can do but watch as Anakin apologizes and says he really wants to change. Obi-wan feels it's a trap and leaves to check on Padme......

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