I Miss You More

Teen girls get into a lot of situations that they are not ready to handle. This drama is about Mariah, a girl who is totally controlled and abused by her boyfriend. He insists on having her wear his name on a dog tag around her neck to let the other boys know who she belongs to. When Mariah receives an acceptance letter from college, he tells her that she can not go and viciously beats her.

The story begins, however, when Mariah is a grown woman who has managed to finally leave him after years of abuse.

The Story was filmed for not only for entertainment but as a tool for teachers, parents, youth leaders, etc. to use to reach our youth and to help them make better life decisions. It is written in a way that will foster discussion and follow-up questions. Questions may arise, like; Do you think that Mariah should have been involved in premarital sex? Do you think Mariah went to college? Would her life have been different if she had ended her relationship with her boyfriend in high school? Should her friend Christina have done more to help her?

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