Strong Enough-God Heals Janna

Strong Enough is sung by Christian artist, Stacie Orrico. The song speaks so much of the power of God to heal, revive, restore, and lift up your downcast soul, shepherding your way back from death to life. This in itself is the testimony of our dear niece,
Janna Rica Alonzo, youngest daughter of my brother June Alonzo and wife Rose. She is on a wheelchair since birth. She is called, 'The Fighter Kid' because she is blessed with a cheerful heart and a fighting faith even in adversities. Then recently at age 11,
she suffered first and second degree burns on her face, arms and legs in a gas stove leak explosion in the basement parsonage where her family live. She could have died but the angels of the Lord saved her from the blast. Her healing journey is a great testimony
of her kid strong faith in Jesus and a wonderful manifestation of God's love and power. Watch the video. I dedicate this to Janna Rica and the Lord! -dory-

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