Prophecy: In the bottom

Prophecy: In the bottom

In the bottom of your heart; I will speak to you, if you are not silent and quiet, you can never hear My voice.

In the bottom of your heart My Spirit works, you ask many times and you don't get any answer, because you must ask it from the bottom of your heart, you must rend your heart, and not your garments, so you can see what is in the bottom of your heart.

In the bottom of tribulations, you can have My help, and many revelations. Enter in the bottom of My Spirit, and pray in Spirit, so you can see My Glory, and you can experience My power of My resurrection.

To have My blessings, you must fish in the bottom of the sea, you can catch Many blessings, and snatch many souls from the fire.

So the solution of all your problems is in the bottom of your heart, don't search it somewhere else, you need to hear My voice, and be led by My Spirit, and to have victory, so enter:

In the bottom.

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