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Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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Prophecy Forget what is behind you - Received September 15, 2009

Prophecy Forget what is behind you – Received September 15, 2009

My children, many of you are looking back all the time, thinking and dwelling on the past. Do not get distracted. Forget what is behind you and press on to the new things ahead of you. Leave the past behind, stretch into the future. Live every day to the fullest, look ahead. Forget the former things, do not let it hold you back.

The devil is very clever. He continually reminds you of your past, your failures, to hold you back and prevent you from moving on to receive new things. Take a stand, forget the past, move ahead and embrace the future.

Follow Me every step of the way and I will bring you through. Focus and trust Me. I will go before you and make a way, I will straighten the crooked places and open new doors for you. I cannot guide you into the future if you keep on longing back and dwell on the past.

Every day is new with new challenges. Do not get in a routine. My Spirit will guide and lead you every day, every step of the way. Listen, hear My voice, obey and follow Me. Do not stagnate, embrace the new. I am the Beginning and the End. I am in control. I know the end from the beginning. Forget what is behind you, seek for the new, every new day. I make all things new.

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