The Silence of God ~ Andrew Peterson

First time I experienced God *turned silent* on me I thought I should go crazy... as days, weeks and months passed I became more and more broken down, felt frustrated, left alone, had an indescribable emptiness inside, it was terrible... I needed so bad that God would speak to me again, if only just a few words... Its a strange place to be; everything around looks like normal, life has to continue as normal- but nothing is as normal. Ive experienced it a few times, and its just as terrible every time. A sister experiencing this described it as *the dark hour of the soul*. Different experiences, but we both felt lost, lost without God… WHY does God turn silent on us? I dont have a good answer, but what God showed me was that He tested me; He wanted to see whats in my heart, and for me to see whats in my heart. He used 2.Chron.32.31b *God left him to test him and to know everything that was in his heart. *(NIV). Theres a referral to Deuteronomy 8 (especially 1-6) Important to remember and understand; Even though God turns silent, He has NOT left us. God said He would NEVER leave us, He still surrounds us by protection and care, still provides. Difference is; we dont hear Him speak nor do we feel His presence- but He IS there! Question is; whats in our hearts? And will we remain faithful and obedient also in times like this?

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