Today's Devotional

Shameless Persistence in Prayer
What prayer of yours has seemed to be unanswered for a while?

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Home Movie Dreams

I once had dreams of getting rich. Making it where my family didn't live in a house where the floors buckled. The sinks weren't stopped. The car actually drove. But, those aren't dreams. Dreams are laughing, sharing caring. These are my dreams. These are our dreams. For you. To you. I say, "Find Your Message!" Get an 8x10 signed, numbered picture depicting a Christian-themed story of life, acceptance, global warming - or many more. It's $5 so it kind of works in volumes (no shipping). A portion of all proceeds benefits cancer research. I always say, "Start something BIG!" Let's show the WORLD - the entire WORLD what Christians can do. And maybe, just maybe - some dreams may come true. Ya never Christ to each and every one of you - from the tiniest of seed grows the mightiest of tree - BELIEVE...

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