Mision Poleo 2008-2099

A school from Puerto Rico called Robinson School started doing missionary trips in 2008. A group of kids would travel to Utuado and Jiyuya {Towns in the mountains of Puerto Rico} and give presentations at schools {which we have to make up or own ideas for the presentations and practice} help out around the communties, and help out with one of the churches in Utuado called- Mision de Poleo. This is our second year doing this and it is all for Jesus Crist. Kids who are aloud to participate in this group are kids from 7th-12th grade. We had 1 7th grader { Carla Giordano}, 3 8th graders {Mario Font, Hamed Negron, and Rafael Vazquez{, 2 9th graders {Norelys Sierra and Antonio Diaz}, 2 10th graders {Melysa Acevedo and Alexandra Mihai,I was in 10th grade the second year I participated, Alexandra Mihai} and 1 11th grader{Stephanie Rodriguez}. We left on a thursday and traveled from San Juan, PR to Jayuya, PR and arrived at our home where would be staying for the weekend. The night we arrived, we just unpacked and rehearsed and rehearsed. Friday we had our devotionals and group meetings, went to the 2 schools for our presentations, helped clean the church {Mision de Poleo}, and during the night went to a church service. Saturday was the day for community service. Fist we had again our devotionals and group meeting. Second,we were split up into 3 groups. Two went back to Mision de Poleo church to help paint one of the rooms. The other 7 stayed and helped paint and clean around the camp we were staying at. That night we went to a court/barn/bar place in Utuado and watched the "Passion of the Crist" out in a court trying to bring strangers from around the community and give their hearts to GOD. Sunday {which was our last day} we had another devotional, group meeting, and went to another church service in Mision de Poleo. Had lucnch there and sadly needed to say good bye to everyone cause it was time to leave. We really all did enjoy our selfs and all agreeded that nex

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