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What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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Day 6 - GOOD DAY! - THE FIGHT TO QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES - Food tastes better and have alot of time

DAY 6 - 10-17-09: PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH US, TO HELP US ALL in the battle to QUIT SMOKING these cigarettes. Thank You

I had to stop take Chantix on Day five due to a weird depression type feeling WHILE I WAS STILL SMOKING!

So I quit smoking with nicotine patches and gum, and started smoking again. 7-30-09 UPDATE: It lasted about 5 days, and I ended up smoking agian.

As in the video I am on Day 6 and using Zyban, and nictonine supplents - today was rougher than the first but we pulled through it by the grace of God. DAY 3 was the HARDEST DAY so far, EVEN with using the NICOTINE PATCHES & GUM. TODAY was a lot better. Food tastes better and I noticed I have a lot more time now, than I did when smoking. I NEVER REALIZED HOW MUCH TIME SMOKING TAKES OUT OF EACH DAY!

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