Sugar Coated Sin Is Still Sin (Sermon clip, Part 3)

How many times do we say I missed it, I messed up, God told me to do something but I blew it this time? Or how many times have you heard, I got issues, "I am just not there yet, God is still working on me? What about this one... I made a mistake! Well, God shares through Minister Fannell, in part 3 of this sermon clip, that too many times we make up excuses, either for ourselves or for others, about sin. The truth is, anything that has a salvation issue tied to it, is not a mistake. It's not a mess-up. It's a sin. And we've got to get it right. We've got to confess and call it just like it is. Sin. Otherwise Jesus went to the cross for nothing. Sugar Coated Sin Is Still Sin. (Be sure to look for Parts 1 and 2 of this sermon cip. For more info or to get a FREE DVD of this entire sermon, visit

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