China's Orphans and Elderly Battle Icy Conditions

The snow storm hit during one of the busiest travel seasons in China -- the Lunar New Year, on Feb. 7. Many residents are still left to battle the bitter cold and destruction left by a month of heavy snowfall. Government officials report the recent snowfall is the largest in more than 50 years and estimate economic loss at $11 billion to date. Early reports state 300,000 homes have been damaged and millions of crops destroyed.

Operation Blessing China is focusing their relief efforts on at risk populations - namely the orphans, the elderly and the isolated living in more remote areas still without power and unable to access aid because of poor road conditions and lack of transportation. In their determination, OBI crews even pushed their truck -- loaded with food, winter jackets and blankets -- up a muddy, mountainside road in order to reach residents in need. Local residents and villages have been drastically affected by the damage of crops. The teams will also survey the extent of the damage of crops and villages and find ways to support the local residents to help them rebuild their communities.

Please pray for the snow afffected communities in China.

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